The Spring Fling of 2022

Aniek Hanneman

On Thursday the 23d of June, Futurewhiz organized an event called Spring Fling. All the employees of Squla, scoyo, Futurewhiz, and WRTS came together to participate in various outdoor games, have a drink with their colleagues, and enjoy good food. It surely was a time to remember!

Something with bubbles and football

The party was full of sing-along songs, catch-ups whilst enjoying a drink, some very good food cooked and prepared by an old friend of Futurewhiz, light outdoor games, and one very big outdoor game: bubble football. After a couple of soccer matches in the plastic bubbles, the creative minds stuck their heads together to make a tower!

Spring Fling was organized by the Culture Crew, an enthusiastic group of employees who are striving to create a workspace full of happy employees. One of the organizers of this eventful night, Nick Hogan (Data Scientist at Squla), tells how it all came together. Nick: “The organizing went very smooth I think, partially because we didn’t commit to anything like building a coffin or coving the office floor in a layer of soil like the Halloween party haha. The goal of the event was just to have fun. We initially were going to announce the results of some other Culture Crew activities, but they are all still ongoing so we just kept the party and dropped the speeches. In the end, I’m just glad people had a fun time and got to spend some time with colleagues they don’t normally meet.”

What is Culture Crew?

Culture Crew is an initiative by the employees of Futurewhiz, where the focus is on how to improve our company culture and make our employees happy!

Overall, a great success!

Does team outings like this sounds like something you might enjoy? Check out our vacancies to see if there is an opening!