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This Cookie Statement of Futurewhiz describes which cookies Futurewhiz uses via its website and what these cookies are used for. We recommend that you read this Cookie Statement carefully.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of (text) information that are sent to your browser when you visit the website and are subsequently stored on the hard drive or in the memory of your computer, tablet or mobile phone (hereinafter: “Device”). The browser can send this information back on a subsequent visit to the website. The cookies placed via this website cannot damage your device or the files stored on it.

Which cookies does Futurewhiz use and for what purpose?

Functional cookies

Futurewhiz uses functional cookies for the website. Functional cookies ensure that the website works properly. These cookies are enabled by default. You cannot disable these cookies. Without these cookies, the website will not work optimally.

Futurewhiz uses functional cookies for the website. These cookies ensure that the website functions properly and is necessary to provide the services and functionalities you have requested. Functional cookies also ensure that your cookie preferences are remembered, so that you only see our cookie banner once and to communicate with us securely.

The functional cookies that we place process a unique visitor ID that identifies your device. Functional cookies can also process information about the date and time of your website visit, the duration of the session, the browser and type of Device you use and the preferences you have specified.

How long functional cookies remain active depends on the function they have. Functional cookies that ensure that the website is displayed is only stored during the session. Cookies that store your preferences remain active one year after the session.

Your permission is not required for the use of these functional cookies. You cannot disable functional cookies, because then the website can no longer function properly.

Analytical cookies

Futurewhiz uses analytical cookies for the website. We use analytical cookies to create statistics about the use of the website. By measuring and analyzing this use, we can improve and secure the website.

These cookies are enabled by default. You can disable these cookies via your cookie settings.

Futurewhiz uses analytical cookies for the website. Statistics are made of the information we collect with analytical cookies. These statistics give us insight into how the website is used – the number of visitors, how long a visit lasts and in what order the pages on the websites are used. Based on these statistics, we can make adjustments to the website and optimize our services. We can thus ensure that you can find the information more easily and that the website is easy to use.

With the help of these cookies, we store, among other things: your IP address (masked), technical characteristics (such as which browser you use, the type of Device), when and for how long you visit or use the websites, which pages you visit and which functionalities you use.

We only use most analytical cookies to measure the functioning of our websites. These cookies have hardly any consequences for your privacy and therefore your explicit consent is not required for these cookies. Analytical cookies that do affect your privacy qualify as tracking or marketing cookies. We do not place these tracking cookies without your permission.

Google Analytics

To collect website statistics about the use and visit of the websites, we use, among other things, Google Analytics cookies. This cookie registers your use of the website. This data is then analyzed by Google and the results are provided to Futurewhiz. In this way, Futurewhiz gains insight into the way in which the website is used and can use that data to adjust the website or improve its services. In this context, Futurewhiz has entered into a processor agreement with Google. Furthermore, Futurewhiz masks the last octet of your IP address that is sent to Google and has disabled the option “share data” within the Google Analytics environment. Finally, Futurewhiz does not use other Google services in combination with Google Analytics cookies, unless you have given permission for this. More information about this can be found under “tracking cookies”.

Depending on the type of analytical cookie, it remains active during the session for up to two years afterwards.

Tracking and marketing cookies

Futurewhiz uses tracking and marketing cookies for the website. We use the information from these cookies to track you through various channels. We do this, among other things, to show you information that is relevant to you.

Tracking and marketing cookies are enabled when you give permission via our cookie banner. You can disable these cookies via the settings.

Google Analytics User ID

We would like to be able to map whether individual users visit our website and return, whether or not on another Device. This gives us valuable insights into how visitors use our website and allows us to show you information that is relevant to you.

The information we may collect is a unique user ID, a unique number of your Devices, information about the different Devices you use with the same user ID (type, browser, operating system) and information about your session (date, time, duration) and the parts of the Website or Demo Website that you have visited.

The cookies that we place via Google Analytics User ID qualify as tracking cookies. We therefore ask for your permission before placing such a cookie. If you do not give permission or withdraw your permission via the cookie settings, we no longer place a User ID cookie. We then only use Google Analytics cookies that are set privacy-friendly.

Marketing cookies

You sometimes see advertisements from Futurewhiz on other websites and on social media. Sometimes these advertisements are the same for everyone and sometimes they are personalized, so especially for you or a specific user. If the advertisements are personalized, we use tracking cookies for this. With these tracking cookies we can track your behavior on the website. By monitoring your behavior, we can analyze which advertisements may be of interest to you and we can ensure that only these are shown. We can also ensure that you do not always see the same advertisement. By placing tracking cookies, we can map your online surfing, searching and purchasing behavior. We combine these characteristics to make you offers and show advertisements, tailored to what interests you. We will also enable third parties to show you advertisements based on your characteristics and interests.

Tracking cookies have an impact on your privacy. We therefore always ask for your permission before placing tracking cookies.

The tracking cookies remain active for an average period of 1 year after placement.

Third party cookies – social media cookies

The website offers access to various social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. With the help of these so-called social plug-ins you can share information on the website with others or recommend it. When you click a social media button on our website, a social media cookie is placed.

Social media cookies are on when you give permission via our cookie banner. You can disable these cookies via the settings.

When you click on a social media plugin or embedded video, a social media provider can recognize your social media profile and link your visit to our website to your social media profile. The cookies ensure that you see certain content on the social media platforms. It also analyzes your surfing behavior and builds a profile of you.

For the cookies that the social media providers place and the data they collect with them, we refer to the statements that these parties give on their own websites. We recommend that you regularly consult the privacy and cookie statements of such third parties.

Changing or deleting cookies

You can change your cookie preferences at any time. This can be done via this link [adjust hyperlink to cookie preferences] or in your own browser. If you do not want websites to place cookies on your Equipment at all, you can adjust your browser settings. Consult the help function of your browser to see how you can delete the cookies. In addition, you can refuse most cookies that are placed when using Squla, both individually and collectively via Here you can also see which of the aforementioned cookies are active on your browsers and it is explained per browser how you can delete cookies already placed on your browser.

Please note: without placing cookies, we cannot provide optimal functionality on our website.

Privacy statement

In some cases personal data is processed with the information collected or read in another way by means of a cookie. If this is the case, the Privacy Statement of Futurewhiz also applies to the processing of this personal data, which can be consulted here.


If you have any questions about this Cookie Statement, you can send an email to For general information and / or complaints about cookies, you can contact the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (AP).


This Cookie Statement can be changed at any time. You will always find the most current Cookie Statement on our websites. Please consult this Cookie Statement regularly so that you are aware of all changes. The last date of change is always indicated in the Cookie Statement.

This Cookie Statement was last amended on 05 February 2021