About Futurewhiz

The Futurewhiz story

We at Futurewhiz believe that education is essential in providing children a strong foundation. We also know that every child is different and has their own learning needs. By giving children a personal approach, we want to make learning fun and effective. Because learning means growth.


The story of Futurewhiz started in 2010 by André Haardt, a father who believed technology and education can reinforce each other. He believed that applying technology in a smart way can lead to inspiring, personalized education that matches the perception and experience of children. Ever since we offer personal, challenging and motivating ways to let children learn in a playful and effective manner. Enabling them to grow. Every day.

Our purpose

At Futurewhiz our purpose is to empower children to grow through personalized education. Day in day out we give it our best to fuel their curiosity for knowledge, to boost their confidence and to cultivate a lifelong love of learning through games and experiences. Futurewhiz is the parent company of Squla, StudyGo, Studira and scoyo, all four market leading brands across K12 in the Netherlands, Germany and Poland.

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Our values

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Learning is everything

Education is the best start. That’s why we keep on researching, evaluating and improving our products and ourselves constantly.

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Embrace the difference

Everyone is different and learns at their own pace in their own way. We embrace the difference in our customers, but also in our team.

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Fun works

Playfulness is in the heart of everything we do – in our products, offices and teams. Fun makes everything better and works, always.

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Together is better

To offer the best programs, we team up with experts (teachers, professors, parents and of course kids) both internally and externally.

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Be brave

We are striving for changing education and helping more children to grow. We are making an impact by making bold moves.

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Results matter

Our ambition is to help as many children as possible to grow. Delivering results is important to ourselves, our children and our company.