The Futurewhiz AI Cupid ❤️

Sol May Olivares

As Valentine’s Day approached, our office was filled with a mix of excitement and anticipation. Sure, there were the usual whispers of romantic plans and the occasional eye-roll from the skeptics, but this year, we decided to bring a dose of technological absurdity into the mix. Wanna find out more? Continue reading and hop on the AI love train!

Get to know The Futurewhiz AI Cupid (pictured above), our Slack bot-turned-matchmaker that churned out love poems faster than you could swipe left. We were able to create prompts, and with those, AI generated the poem. And let me tell you, the results were… well, let’s just say they ranged from surprisingly heartfelt to downright hysterical. On Valentine’s Day, our office manager Martina created poems out the prompts and with fake wings and a bow and arrow she went around reading people the poems and giving out chocolates – what a spectacular performance. The total number of messages was 140!

Here’s an example of one poem generated:

You are super sweet, a drop of honey,
Life’s wild ride, but you make it funny.
With a dab so cool, the room ignites,
Spreading laughter, reaching new heights.
Life with you is a joyful cab,
A dance, a laugh, another dab!
So here’s a cheer, don’t be shy,
You’re the reason why joy flies high!

The conclusion of this is that in a world where technology often feels cold and impersonal, here we were, using AI to spread a little love and laughter in an incredible way. And who knows, maybe amidst the frenzy of digital poems and makeshift Cupid costumes, a few sparks of real romance would ignite 👀.