Press release: WRTS joins together with Squla to make learning words even more fun


Stamping words remains annoying and temptations such as gaming, Instagram or WhatsApp are lurking. Learning platform WRTS knows better than anyone how to learn vocabulary efficiently and in a simple way. Since today they have teamed up with Squla, which makes practicing words even more fun.

Helping children move forward
Online platform Squla is the only home exercise program with all primary school subjects. Its mission is to help children progress in a way that they find fun and suits their pace. Serge Bueters, CEO of Squla: “We are very excited that we have also included WRTS in our mission of continuing education. Over the past 9 years, we at Squla have learned a lot about how to motivate children, for example through better alignment with their personalities and gamification elements, such as reward and progress. As Squla we have a lot of experience with the trinity teacher, parent and child. We believe this is essential for the best learning outcome. We like to bundle our knowledge with that of WRTS, so that we can make the platform even more user-friendly and motivating”.

More efficient, more effective and more motivating
The world of young people is a busy world. With social media the pressure on young people is increasing. Maurice Kostelijk from WRTS knows this all too well: “They have to keep up with WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat, play Fortnite or Apex with friends and then of course also do homework”. Research by the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) also shows that Dutch students generally enjoy going to school, but that the motivation to learn is lower in the Netherlands than in many other countries. Maurice Kostelijk comments this: “It is therefore important to make learning as efficient, effective and motivating as possible. We will continue to develop this with our platform in the near future.”

Connection met the target audience
Education has many local aspects. Education is different in every country and in every class. Moreover, it changes every day. Serge Bueters states: “We at Squla have learned in recent years how important it is to have close contact with parents, students and teachers. What do they run into? What do they need? We already have initial conversations with secondary school students and teachers, but we don’t want to receive much more feedback.” Maurice Kostelijk says that WRTS will in any case look at how they can further relieve teachers in their lessons. In addition, they want to offer more on the platform than just learning words. “We are going to work with all the great ideas we have received to motivate students. We will keep the users informed of these new developments,” says Maurice Kostelijk.

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Note for editors:

About WRTS
WRTS is the market leader in the Netherlands in learning words and sentences online. The platform consists mainly of languages ​​such as English, French, German and Spanish. The test lists can be entered by users themselves or downloaded from other users, for example teachers. About 300,000 students are currently practicing with WRTS.

About Squla
Squla has grown to become the market leader in online curricula in the Netherlands over the past nine years. At the moment, more than 150,000 children practice and play on Squla at home for an average of 90 minutes a week. Squla offers schools a free login to enrich the lesson with online quizzes and games, even during school hours. More than 600,000 primary school students are currently using this.

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