New boss of WRTS!


Futurewhiz is once again hosting JINC Boss of Tomorrow. On Thursday 2 June 2022, CCO Tijntje Louwers will relinquish her chair to today’s boss: 14-year-old Chantal Hu. She attends the vmbo-tl and will help us think about how we can establish WRTS as the practice platform for all students. Tijntje: “We are busy thinking about and developing the requirements for a final exam product. She can help us with that!”

The boss of WRTS for one day

Today Chantal experiences what it is like to take over WRTS for one day. She thinks about how we can make WRTS even better. Tijntje: “WRTS is a platform for high school students to practice and get explanations for school subjects for which they have a test soon. Who better to know the requirements for a platform like that than someone that age? Chantal is also going to take her final exams next year and that is perfect for us. Because just like Chantal, we will also be taking our final exams next year. And we could really use some help with that.”

Equal opportunities for everyone

With Boss of Tomorrow, WRTS and JINC want to combat inequality of opportunity. In the Netherlands, hundreds of thousands of children grow up in an environment with a lot of socio-economic disadvantage. All these children have dreams and talents, but their zip code and social environment are often obstacles on their road to success. Those who grow up in an environment with few role models or opportunities unfortunately have fewer prospects for career success than peers from “wealthier” neighborhoods. Regardless of how smart or talented the children are.

Tijntje says: “In the Netherlands we can all get a good education. And that is necessary. Because we need all the talent there is to make our country ready for the future. We are training the future leaders now. And we as a company help with that with our platforms, but also inspire all students who want to work with the different jobs they could do in the future. We do this by working a lot with JINC through lightning internships, career coaching and Boss of Tomorrow. Every child has talent, and with every talent comes a suitable career. Some children do not know the different options for further learning. By opening up our company to these children, we want to inspire them to find their own talents and also see what they can do with them in the future.”