Futurewhiz Laser Tag Arena 🔫

Sol May Olivares

Last week, we swapped our monthly drinks for an evening of friendly fire. That’s right, we went for several rounds of laser gaming with the Futurewhiz crew 🚀. It started straight after work – but no one left the office, because we had transformed the office into our very own laser gaming field. Geared up and eager to fight, we took the challenge to reach victory!

We took pride in our six core values during this fun evening. Here’s how we did it:

  1. Learning is everything: At our laser gaming event, we discovered that learning is everything (for some a lot of learning… 😉). From mastering new strategies to adapting on the fly, each moment was a lesson for us to work on.
  2. Embrace the difference. We embraced our differences and found strength in diversity – to each their own unique talent, whether it be in laser gaming or making jokes.
  3. Fun works. Who says work and play can’t mix? In the chaos of flashing lights and friendly fire, we discovered the true power of enjoyment in the workplace.
  4. Together is better. Why go solo when we can bond together, dodging imaginary bullets and outsmarting opponents as one big unstoppable force?
  5. Be brave. With laser guns in hand and hearts pounding, we charged into the game space, both fearless and united.
  6. Results matter. Through teamwork and determination, we didn’t just play the game – we truly gave our 100%. So here’s to the epic wins and unforgettable moments, where our laser gaming skills showed that in the end, results do speak louder than words!

All in all our efforts paid off and we went home satisfied and excited for upcoming Futurewhiz eventz!