First Month of the New Year 🍾

Sol May Olivares

Find yourself typing “2023” instead of “2024” as if time hasn’t quite caught up with the calendar? The rapid pace at which days turn into months can leave us feeling like we’re in a perpetual time warp. At Futurewhiz, we aim to add a touch of warmth to the chilly season, alleviating both the literal cold and the mental chill. Come read further and find out how we not only survived but thrived in January. And yes, there may have been a bit of champagne involved 🤫.

On Blue Monday, our thoughtful office manager Martina reminded us of the importance of mental health. In the hustle of daily life, the demands of our routines can lead us to overlook our mental well-being. Coupled with the potential physical toll of cold weather, these times can be challenging for us. Martina encouraged us to take care of ourselves and recommended activities such as stepping outside the office for a walk, indulging in a meditation break in our Gym room, and, above all, checking in with each other.

And if you cannot escape the cold, fight the cold! That’s exactly what we did mid-January, warming ourselves up in a frenzy of ice skating ❄️. Thanks to our Culture Crew’s fantastic planning, we embarked on this adventure at the Jaap van Eeden Ice Rink. While some of our colleagues effortlessly glided across the ice, others navigated with a bit more caution (including myself). Nevertheless, we all sure did hurry to the warm cafe after, where we had some food and drinks. It was a lovely way to unwind with colleagues after a day’s work, all while staying active and making the most of the winter season. That’s the Futurewhiz spirit!

Moreover, our CEO Serge Bueters, seen above, brought the team together last Thursday in the kitchen. We toasted to the highs and lows of 2023, sharing lessons learned and future plans. Champagne flowed, and as we reminisced about the year—its challenges and triumphs—the spirit remained high. Leaving all worries and mistakes of 2023 behind, we started to become excited for what 2024 might bring us. We wrapped up with a borrel to laugh and ponder even more (100% sober, of course). First month of the year ✔ eleven more to go: Futurewhiz is ready!