Exam Season at Futurewhiz

Lisa Potma

While students were studying for the exams, we brought some exam vibes into our office during the Futurewhiz Exam season. The activities ranged from Feedback Trainings, to focus sessions, to WAB (work-avoiding-behaviour) tasks… And of course: an “Examenstunt” (Exam prank) to close it off!

To engage with our students, it is important for all our colleagues to understand what happens at schools. The Culture Crew therefore came with the idea to introduce the Futurewhiz Exam Season. It started May 16 with a Receiving Feedback Training. In the days that followed, we had various Deep Work Sessions to work uninterrupted in silence on a specific task. We also practiced the art of giving feedback during a Giving Feedback Training.

In addition, our office manager introduced a list full of WAB (work-avoiding-behaviour) tasks, inspired by the many SAB (study-avoiding-behaviour) we all engaged in back in the days. Think about cleaning the fridge, dishwasher duty or updating your calendar. As a reward, employees received a sticker. The result? A relaxed employee for taking a break and a very happy office manager. Who knew WABbing could actually be so productive?

The season ended with an “Examenstunt” (exam prank) on May 30. A group of 5 colleagues secretly gave the office a make-over the night before. The next morning, all employees were presented with the Futurewhiz Festival. Everyone entering the office that day, had to go through security, could make selfies in the selfie room, take a break in the yoga room or perform some dance moves in the reversed silent disco. At the end of the day, it was time to do an actual exam. Here the true Futurewhizard was revealed: our colleague Constantine made only one mistake and was the proud winner of the day!

We ended the Futurewhiz Exam Season with drinks in House of Watt, our favourite cafe around the corner. A day full of fun, and just like our exam time when we were teenagers – something to remember!