What else do our people have to say?

Roos – continued

“There have been a lot of really fun activities in the time I’ve been at Futurewhiz, the most fun was the Halloween party.”

“When I came here, and my input was asked for, and appreciated, It really made me realise how much of a valuable skill Customer Support is at Futurewhiz.”

“What I really like about working here is that other departments are interested in what happens within the Customer Support department, and try to learn from the feedback that we get from our customers.”

Onur – continued

“We have weekly team updates where different teams share what they’ve been working on, and everyone is encouraged to share their learnings and successes. “

“There is a relaxed atmosphere at the office that makes it easy to approach colleagues and exchange thoughts and ideas”

“I feel we have a very diverse team, with people from all over the world with a wide range of interests. It helps us see things from different perspectives and come up with unique, creative ideas. I love the energy I get from interacting with colleagues, they help to inspire me & improve myself.”

Sofia – continued

“As a company who’s objective it is to help kids learn, It makes sense that internally, we also strive for the growth of our employees. We’re given a personal learning budget that we can use to ensure we’re continually learning.”

“Futurewhiz also organises hackathons which are great environments for developers to get together, and just work on new projects.”

“We were recently discussing a feature which could be beneficial to kids with learning disabilities and being dyslexic myself, my opinion was asked for. I got to discuss some of my personal learning challenges, and have an input. By embracing everyone, we’re able to help more kids.

Erik – continued

“To really innovate, I believe we should always be listening to the kids. I challenge my team and I to be open for feedback, and eager to learn, because kids born today will think AI is the most normal thing around.”

“We actively promote embracing the difference and took part in an embrace the difference day, where had honest discussions about our backgrounds, privileges and took a moment to self reflect.”

“Treasure hunts, ping pong, paper place races and dress up like your colleague day – Futurewhiz is where fun is invented!”