Embracing Diversity & Inclusivity: Building a Brighter Future for All Children.


At Futurewhiz, we believe greatly in the transformative powers of inclusive educational platforms for all of our children. We had the privilege of taking a remarkable 12 week journey on a course specifically designed for us and facilitated by Dr. Ellen-Rose and Dr. Fadie Hanna

Not only did the course enlighten us about the (many) “isms”, but it also allowed us to explore the depths of privilege and engage in inspiring discussions, fostering a deeper understanding and enabling further personal growth.

Today, we are thrilled to share just how this experience has motivated us even more to continue to make our platform inclusive and representative of every child we we serve.

Diversity is not just a buzzword, it is the heart and soul of progressiveness and innovation. By committing to dismantling barriers our children may face because of unique differences, we’re paving the way to an more equitable and inclusive educational experience. Our children are a vibrant tapestry of backgrounds, perspectives and experiences and the course allowed us to delve in and understand just how we can truly represent them.

Sexism, Racism and Ableism (as well as many other forms of “ism”) were thoroughly examined throughout the duration of the course. We all realised, that it is not enough to merely examine their existence, but we must actively combat them starting with recognising our own biases and committing to dismantling them.

We unpacked Privilege which can often be an uncomfortable topic, again due to the self reflection aspect. However, this was explored in a truly open minded manner, with empathy and openness, and group discussions. Some of us were comfortable enough to share our personal experiences, guided by Dr. Ellen-Rose and Dr. Fadie, who ensured that we as colleagues, we could open up to each other, whilst feeling in a safe space. Being given this opportunity was truly invaluable.

We began to comprehend the influence of privilege in our lives, and how it can effect educational opportunities. Armed with this knowledge, we aim to level the playing field on our platforms, and create equal opportunities for all of our learners.

Our journey towards inclusivity was further enhanced by engaging with the specifically selected content which included thought provoking documentaries, enlightening Ted Talks and powerful literature, all of which broadened our horizons and challenged our perceived notions.

As we culminated our Diversity and Inclusivity course, we were tasked with finding ways to make our platform services and offerings more inclusive and representative of all children. With renewed passion and commitment, we brainstormed and developed actionable strategies, and presented them at the end of the course.

Our goal is to ensure that every child, regardless of their background or identity, can access high-quality educational resources that resonate with their unique experiences. We are excited to embark on this new chapter, as we work tirelessly to ensure our products are a beacon of inclusivity, representing and empowering all children.

Together, let us build an educational landscape where diversity thrives, prejudice is challenged, and every child can flourish, and unlock their full educational potential. We must remember that every step taken towards inclusivity has the potential to shape a brighter, more harmonious future for all children. Collectively, through inclusivity, we are shaping the future.

A big thank you to The Rutu Foundation for Intercultural Multilingual education for providing this wonderful course, which they tailor made for us – you can find out more here: www.rutufoundation.org