Embrace the difference day at Futurewhiz

Aniek Hanneman

On Thursday 30 June 2022, Futurewhiz organized an afternoon that was focused on our company value “Embrace the difference”. This means we want to accept and enrich diversity in our team, product and customers. In this blog you will read how we all embraced the difference on this day.

Making our companies more diverse

On this day, all the employees of Futurewhiz took various tests to discover if they have biases. This led to some eye-opening insights about ourselves. The next step was to discover if our platforms are diverse enough. To explore this, a few colleagues of WRTS and Squla teamed up together to investigate. They talked to parents and users of WRTS and Squla to discover how we can improve all of our platforms so everybody feels included. There were some very interesting insights that we are going to use to improve our platforms!


One of the activities of the day was watching a documentary called Three Women. About slavery and freedom. The documentary is an expression of a worldwide movement in which black people and people of color take strength and pride in their history. Ellen-Rose Kambel (researcher) had a leading part in this documentary and came to our office to discuss this documentary. Everyone was free to ask questions and participate in the discussion. We have learned a lot from her and her story.

Keti Koti

Ellen-Rose Kambel also explained about Keti Koti, an annual celebration on 1 July that marks Emancipation Day in Suriname. In addition to the explanation, she brought all kinds of Surinamese and Antillean snacks.

A day full of learning!

Do you also want to work at a company that touches on important topics, like diversity and inclusivity? Take a look at our vacancies!