Celebrating Tijntje’s 10 years at Futurewhiz: A decade of brilliance!


Once upon a time, in small office, consisting of a total of three rooms, a vibrant Tijntje walked in wearing bright colours which could rival a rainbow! Little did she know that this would be the beginning of her journey at Futurewhiz!

Grab a slice of cake, and make yourselves comfortable, as we take a trip down memory lane, celebrating and exploring the tale of incredible impact that Tijntje has had.

It started with a sprinkle of hagelslag:

In her very first interview, Tijntje faced the prospect of joining a fledging start up with around 13 employees. Coming from the land of Marktplaats, it was a brave leap of faith to embark on an extraordinary adventure with such a young edtech company. As she sat down to interview in the Lunch spot which doubled up as an interview room, she discovered a few hagelslag sprinkles left behind on her seat, following someones tasty Dutch lunch. Undeterred by the misplaced treat, she grabbed a seat, before embracing the conversation with Serge, and 10years later here we are!

With her marketing prowess, Tijntje has sprinkled magic across our brands, people and users. She ignited the growth of our Squla user base, and set us up to succeed with her expertise, and unwavering commitment to our mission to empower children to grow through personalised education.

Tijntje has continued to demonstrate that the power of knowledge, passion and some wise (and efficient) decision making, make it possible to turn even the most daunting challenges into triumphs. She has enabled us to reach 30,000+ users of StudyGo and the impact this has on our children’s education is invaluable.

A guru of Getaways and foodie feasts:

Beyond her wonderful work, Tijntje has become well known for her recommendations, whether a holiday destination, or a delicious eatery, she has the answers to our travel and dining dilemas.

We will we raise our sparkling hagelslag filled glasses and celebrate Tijntje’s decade of brilliance and wonder here at Futurewhiz. Her impact is immeasurable and we’re all extremely grateful for such hard work and dedication.

Congratulations Tijntje, on this marvellous milestone, and for being at the heart of Futurewhiz!