Celebrating 12 and a Half Years of Dedication from our Developer Lex!


Today, we are proud to celebrate the remarkable journey of Lex, one of our most dedicated developers, who has been an invaluable asset to our organisation for an impressive 12 and a half years!

On December 1st 2010 Lex walked into our offices, which, at that time were made up of no more than 1 room in a co-working office at the Panamalaan in Amsterdam. His journey began as our first developer. Fast forward 12 ½ years and the team has certainly grown, along with the reach of our products. 

From a platform for 3 grades (group 6, 7, 8) in a couple of subjects, we’ve grown to an edtech platform for primary and secondary school children in all subjects! We’ve also expanded into different countries and have seen many different colleagues come and go, though Lex has always remained!

Lex has been our constant beacon of brilliance, navigating the ever-changing edtech landscape with his magical keyboard. From the lands of Squla to the daring adventures of WRTs, Lex has sprinkled his coding prowess across all our brands, leaving a trail of amazing work thanks to his reliability and dedication.

For 12 and a half years, Lex has been an integral part of our edtech family, shaping our brands, weathering office relocations, and using his easy going, smart approach to always help others out. whether that help has been in the form of mentoring and onboarding new development teams, playing ping pong, or joining hackathons and events, he’s been a part of it!

In short, Lex is a Futurewhiz Legend, so from all of us, a huge thanks for 12 and a half years of commitment – you have made such an impact both inside and outside of the company. We’re all eagerly awaiting the next chapter of your extraordinary journey at Futurewhiz!