Boss for one day at WRTS


WRTS, part of Futurewhiz, is again a proud participant of JINC Baas van Morgen. On Thursday, June 10, 2021, CCO Tijntje Louwers will hand over her chair to the young boss Imraan. Imraan is 14 years old. “Today he is thinking along about how we can get all secondary school students in the Netherlands and Belgium to study faster and get better grades”, says Tijntje. A total of 450 Dutch top men and women hand over their seats to new young bosses.

Boss for one day

Imraan experiences today what it is like to run a company like WRTS, from leading the stand-up to brainstorming about a new product that was recently launched for his peers in the lower years of VMBO, HAVO and VWO. Tijntje says: “For many pre-vocational secondary education students, doing homework is quite a thing. WRTS therefore offers a platform with online homework guidance and test preparation, which children can use at home and at school to achieve higher grades. We think Imraan’s opinion is important, he really has something to say today!” says Tijntje.

Equal opportunities

With Baas van Morgen, WRTS and JINC want to fight the inequality of opportunity among young people from neighborhoods that have to deal with a lot of poverty and socio-economic disadvantage. They often lack a role model who can give them the right example or help them make the difficult choices. That’s a shame, because this group has less chance of making it far than peers from ‘richer’ neighborhoods. Tijntje fully agrees: “Every child deserves good homework guidance, both at school and at home. That’s why we offer the majority of WRTS for free to high school students of all grades and levels.”

A promise and a wish

It was a busy, inspiring (and warm) day for Imraan. As every year, special compliments were handed out. Imraan also received a ‘promise card’ from Tijntje. With that card she promises that Imraan, later in his career, always can give her a call.

And the people at WRTS? They were very pleased with their new boss! Watch out, Tijntje…