Press release: Futurewhiz, Squla’s parent company, gains access to the German education market with the acquisition of the top 3 player Scoyo


  1. 7 million German students get access to the innovative Squla platform
  2. A free classroom solution for all German teachers
  3. Scoyo expands its services for children, parents and teachers

Amsterdam, September 1, 2020 – Edtech company Futurewhiz, parent company of Squla and WRTS, today announced the acquisition of its German counterpart Scoyo. For example, online learning platform Squla gains access to 7 million German primary and lower secondary school students. Retaining its name, Scoyo is adding its local educational content to the innovative Squla platform on mobile / web for home and school. Just like in the Netherlands and Poland, German children, parents and teachers will soon be able to work online with the school material. No announcement has been made about the acquisition price.

Squla is the largest provider of supplementary education in the Netherlands and Poland. In the Netherlands, some 180,000 children play and practice from home and more than 600,000 through their primary school with Squla. The acquisition of Scoyo by Futurewhiz gives the Squla platform a flying start in German education.

Serge Bueters, the CEO of Futurewhiz: “Our goal is to give as many children as possible access to our popular Squla platform to support them in learning. With Squla, each child can do this at their own level and pace and in accordance with the curriculum. This demonstrably improves learning performance. With the acquisition of Scoyo, we will not only be able to do this in the Netherlands and Poland, but soon also in a large market such as Germany. By integrating Squla into Scoyo, we expect to be able to help an extra seven million children.”

Scoyo is one of the top 3 educational platforms in Germany for grades 1 to 7 with quizzes, videos, tests and educational games tailored to the type of school, the school level and the curriculum of schools in the 16 different German states.                               

Squla adds a number of extra possibilities to the current Scoyo learning environment. For example, the Squla learning platform is much more extensive, Squla consists of an app and a web environment and also provides an overview of learning efficiency for parents and teachers. The latter group will also have its own online environment especially for teachers. Scoyo is, just like Squla in the Netherlands, free to use in the classroom. For home use, parents pay a fixed amount per month for their school-aged children.

“The free use of Scoyo in the classroom is in line with our goal that we want to give every child the opportunity to grow. So also the children who do not have the means at home to pay for a monthly subscription, ”says Bueters. He realizes that the situation in Germany is still different than in the Netherlands, where almost everyone at school and at home has fast internet and sufficient access to the necessary hardware such as PCs or tablets. “Germany is not yet at the level of the Netherlands in that respect. But the corona crisis has also made it clear in Germany that it is important to make the transition to digital education. This, in combination with the growing need for customized education, partly due to full classes and a shortage of teachers, is an important reason that we have now decided to take over Scoyo, ”explains Bueters.

About Futurewhiz and Squla

Squla is part of Futurewhiz, which is active in Poland as well as in the Netherlands. Futurewhiz has 70 employees and is located in Amsterdam. In addition to Squla, Futurewhiz also owns WRTS, an online learning platform for high school students to learn words and concepts more easily and quickly. Squla is the largest provider of supplementary education in the Netherlands. More than 180,000 children practice and play Squla from home and more than 600,000 children through their primary school. Squla offers online practice programs for children in grades 1 to 8. With fun quizzes and games they practice with the curriculum of school. Squla is a supplement, intended to support teaching at school and also at home, to stimulate students at their own level and at their own pace. Squla believes this should be available to every child. That is why teachers can use Squla in de Klas for free. Squla was developed by educational experts and game developers. This makes the quizzes not only fun, but also completely in line with the educational goals set by the government.

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Download the press photo of CEO Serge Bueters here.