Aniek Hanneman

Just any other Wednesday? Not at Futurewhiz, because it was bring-your-kids-to-work-day! The kitchen was transformed into a children’s paradise where the kids could play, color, read, craft and join fun games. A day packed full of fun! Read all about it down below.

In for a treat

All the kids were welcomed with open arms at the Futurewhiz office from 10:00 AM till 3:00 PM. There was a kid-friendly lunch and snacks throughout the day (so the kids could go home like sugar bouncing balls). The team also organized two activities throughout the office: a bingo and a scavenger hunt. The kids were in for a treat!

TikToks and Squla-fun

That was not all the kids could expect at the office. They were also invited to record some jokes for TikTok. Coming soon on TikTok! There was also a try-to-break-Squla-corner setup. The goal was to ‘break’ Squla. If they succeeded, they could win a cool tattoo! Overall: fun all around.

Join our next bring-your-kids-to-work-day!

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Time to celebrate: 10 years working at Futurewhiz!

Aniek Hanneman

July 5th was not like any other day at the office. It marks the day that two of our colleagues have been working for ten years at Futurewhiz! Everybody at Futurewhiz celebrated this moment with cake, speeches, and trophies.

A decade at Futurewhiz

The CEO of Futurewhiz, Serge Bueters, started working ten years ago on this very day. When he walked through the door, he was mistaken for a consultant because of his sophisticated outfit. Little did they know, that he would become the CEO of Futurewhiz!

We asked Serge to share his thoughts about this milestone. Serge: “What is most dear to me are the people I have had the pleasure of working with over the past 10 years and who we have built wonderful learning platforms like Squla and WRTS with!”

Pascal Teuling started working at Squla when the platform was just taking off. He had one of the leading roles in the rebranding of Squla. Pascal started as a Visual Designer at Squla and through the years, he worked his way up to Senior Designer / Art Director.

Pascal also wanted to share some words about his role at Futurewhiz: “Designing digital products and brands for kids is an incredibly fun thing to do!”

On to the next 10 years!

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Embrace the difference day at Futurewhiz

Aniek Hanneman

On Thursday 30 June 2022, Futurewhiz organized an afternoon that was focused on our company value “Embrace the difference”. This means we want to accept and enrich diversity in our team, product and customers. In this blog you will read how we all embraced the difference on this day.

Making our companies more diverse

On this day, all the employees of Futurewhiz took various tests to discover if they have biases. This led to some eye-opening insights about ourselves. The next step was to discover if our platforms are diverse enough. To explore this, a few colleagues of WRTS and Squla teamed up together to investigate. They talked to parents and users of WRTS and Squla to discover how we can improve all of our platforms so everybody feels included. There were some very interesting insights that we are going to use to improve our platforms!


One of the activities of the day was watching a documentary called Three Women. About slavery and freedom. The documentary is an expression of a worldwide movement in which black people and people of color take strength and pride in their history. Ellen-Rose Kambel (researcher) had a leading part in this documentary and came to our office to discuss this documentary. Everyone was free to ask questions and participate in the discussion. We have learned a lot from her and her story.

Keti Koti

Ellen-Rose Kambel also explained about Keti Koti, an annual celebration on 1 July that marks Emancipation Day in Suriname. In addition to the explanation, she brought all kinds of Surinamese and Antillean snacks.

A day full of learning!

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The Spring Fling of 2022

Aniek Hanneman

On Thursday the 23d of June, Futurewhiz organized an event called Spring Fling. All the employees of Squla, scoyo, Futurewhiz, and WRTS came together to participate in various outdoor games, have a drink with their colleagues, and enjoy good food. It surely was a time to remember!

Something with bubbles and football

The party was full of sing-along songs, catch-ups whilst enjoying a drink, some very good food cooked and prepared by an old friend of Futurewhiz, light outdoor games, and one very big outdoor game: bubble football. After a couple of soccer matches in the plastic bubbles, the creative minds stuck their heads together to make a tower!

Spring Fling was organized by the Culture Crew, an enthusiastic group of employees who are striving to create a workspace full of happy employees. One of the organizers of this eventful night, Nick Hogan (Data Scientist at Squla), tells how it all came together. Nick: “The organizing went very smooth I think, partially because we didn’t commit to anything like building a coffin or coving the office floor in a layer of soil like the Halloween party haha. The goal of the event was just to have fun. We initially were going to announce the results of some other Culture Crew activities, but they are all still ongoing so we just kept the party and dropped the speeches. In the end, I’m just glad people had a fun time and got to spend some time with colleagues they don’t normally meet.”

What is Culture Crew?

Culture Crew is an initiative by the employees of Futurewhiz, where the focus is on how to improve our company culture and make our employees happy!

Overall, a great success!

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